Bringing You Down [EP]

by Nathaniel Tann

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released June 5, 2015

All instruments and vocals performed by Nathaniel Tann. Engineered, mixed and mastering tasks performed by Nathaniel Tann at TLR studios. Recorded between February-March, 2014, February-March and May 2015 at the TLR Studios in Goshen, Indiana


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Nathaniel Tann Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: West End Martyr
This motion commotion
rewind and go show all your friends
its over, bent over
wait until you tie up these ends
because i'm spinning not winning
wake up with a shell inside your head
pull in there don't say where
the drum will pound until you're dead

I'm ready to run
don't need to think about it
I'm ready to go
don't want to stay here anymore

I'm ready to fly
can't wait another minute now
I'm ready to know
can't lose it if its never yours

I'm fighting inviting
roll once more and see what i've got
This weighted so jaded
for once the dice will come up right
you've frozen the ocean
how will they all come up for air
if this drowning is amounting
then how the hell am i aware

I'm ready to run
I'm ready to go
I'm ready to fly
I'm ready to know
Track Name: Not Swimming
On the run
Everybody 's out there waiting for you
If you make it
There's a line of faces shaking your hand
for knowing
the people the places that everybody
knows but me
This is how it all turns out to be

But I'm not swimming
No I'm not there
And if you're waiting
Then be prepared

Can you hear
The words they whisper about your name
Should they know it
The bottom line no matter the time
And here I'm standing
Holding the case but I'd rather be
Pulling the trigger now cause i don't know how
everyone else here can stand to be near

But I'm not swimming
And No I don't care
And if you make it
I'll try to stop and stare

And whatever the price they've put on your head
I'll wake up finding the dreams that I've lead
Break out into song of the old and the grey
I'd die long before I remembered the day
I'm out in the cold and alone in the wreck
Watch in the dark for the light and the speck
And if you were there and you heard this out
I know you'd have your doubts
Track Name: The Warship
If dreaming fills the void of life
Then what is all this living?
If I can hear a single voice
then how can I be singing?
A knife into the back of me
and I'll call it believing
Call your people out to pray
And see how much I'm listening

way from the phase i'm falling out
caught in the light i'm going down
i'd push but i'm already gone
i'd run but theres nothing going on

i'm going out folding the stars
and i'm hoping they fall
i'm reaching out to pull you in
and i'm not going very far
i'm lighting all that i can see
and everything behind me
I'm waiting for the everything
and nothing burns inside me

i'm in your head again
and i don't like what i've found
i'm in the way again
and i'm bringing you down

i'm going out i'm fading in
i'm waiting out i'm falling sin
i'm burning up i'm cooling down
i'm calling out i'm waiting around
Track Name: Open Water
And all that we let go
Bever let go
of the peace that shields your mind
Without all the violence
Withhold silence
and pieces that settle your kind
for all the metaphors
they went out the door
when you left me standing
left me standing
outside in the rain
The rain

Here we go
Even though we've always known
Here we say
Forget the life you've sown

and what do you have
All the things you've meant to mean
and all we've had
Can you hold onto a dream that's never been

and should you find it
shall I remind you
The sound of the letting go
All of the blank stares
falling to pieces there
and finally saying so
Could we have saw it
without all of the mindless
coming back to one
and yet as I'm staring
hopelessly wearing out for
just another ray of sun
Track Name: Dear Air Soundtrack
One night I'll wait for you there
One light and I'll stay right there

When I see who you are
and I know its now far away
from the dawn
and this train that I'm on
Won't give me the time
And i see that you're mine
when the set fades away
Lord I never could stay

One night I'll be so wrong
One night and I'll sing this song

When you give it a try
and I know that I'd die
to see what you'd say
when you throw me away
I'm a lamp in the fog
and I'll stay through it all
I don't try to leave
because I won't believe

One day I'll be so far
One day I'll tell you who you are

When you change from the light
from the grey to the night
I'll call where you're from
the monster you've become
when it all fades away
at the end of the day
this radio code
dead air on the road

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